Interview with Monica

Where are You from?

Originally I am half British by father and European mix by mother. I was raised between Slovenia, Switzerland and Russia. Later on, my parents sent me to a private boarding school in Switzerland. Now my base is Dubai but I’m in love with travel so who knows what city will change my life next!?

Why do You chose to be an Escort and travel Companion?

I naturally surround myself with people who value intimacy and authenticity in relationships. Traveling and meeting Gentlemen I genuinely admire, educating myself every day and discover different sides of my sexuality makes me truly happy.

What means "Private Girlfriend Experience"?

I take care of every experience with attention and uniqueness. I want You to have a person who knows what do You like and don’t like, person You will enjoy being in private with as much as having a great public time. Specific things You kept secret You can reveal to me. I am the type of Girlfriend You was searching for a long time.

Are You discrete Escort?

You are now on my website, and You can clearly notice I put a lot of effort and taking care of my Name seriously. I keep my face in private so we have a little secret but also to take care of both of our privacy. Everything will stay between us. In case we recognize each other in our personal lives I will not show that we have ever met. Yes, You can be absolutely sure about my discretion. I can also sign an NDA in case You require it.

What type of Men do You like?

When a Gentleman introduces himself to me with honesty and respect to my time at first. My type of Men is someone interested not only in physical appearance, He enjoys the full experience we can have: Laughing about the day we spent, kissing (A lot!), cuddling, hugging, feeling the taste of the wine while watching the classic movie and feeling the taste of each other after, sharing our secrets and creating a new ones, watching the sunset from the best spot in the city and having a coffee in bed in the morning. As long as You are kind and caring for me, we are a good match.

May I book the same day?

You can require the same day Date, however, I always prioritize those Gentlemen with whom I met previously and those who booked in advance.

Why Deposits?

I may require a small deposit to secure my time for You. In case I will ask for it and You may don’t like to make a deposit, I will prioritize a GentleMan who does. You can be sure about me with your deposit. Like any other business, reputation is everything and I put an effort to build mine.

What will You wear on our Date?

My style is simple and classic. In public, I will wear something more conservative yet feminine that enhances my elegant contours without overpowering me. For our private time, I have a cute collection of fine lingerie and always excited about new pieces. Also, I am very happy to accommodate your personal requests.

Woman with a red lipstick with red wine
Woman with a rose on the balcony

What is your favorite kind of Dates?

I enjoy the beautiful view of the city sunset, an exquisite meal and morning cuddling. Even more, I enjoy the intimacy with no rush and time to truly connect with each other, so Dinner Dates and Overnights are my favorites. And as a big travel lover, of course, it will be my pleasure to escape somewhere with someone special.

May I Spoil You?

Why ask, just do it!:) Of course, gifts are not required but always appreciated. If You want to become my Wizard, I have a list of my favorite things on my Spoil me page.

How would You like Me to prepare for our Date?

I am sure You are a charming Gentlemen who takes care of his appearance every day. It is going to be wonderful if You have a careful shower, smell nice and fresh, brush your teeth, make your nails and shave just before our Date!

What is your Life Philosophy?

Laugh a lot! Traveling is the best teacher! Let a Man be the Man! Your power in your femininity! Keep healthy! Read a lot! Improve yourself every day! Success is when people You were trying to reach start reaching out to You! There is no advantage of being the cheapest, but there is absolutely an advantage of providing the true value for the select ones! – These are some of my beliefs that make Me who I am every day.

I am looking forward to exploring your!

With love, Monica

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