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Who is Monica?

Dubai escort girl and travel companion who provide the best Girlfriend Experience You will admire.

British manners mixed with Russian hospitality.

Genuine soul shaped in a sensual body.

Natural beauty with a sweet personality.

Down to earth girl who see the Best in people.

Therefore, on the business event, You will be with an educated, elegant Lady.

On the gourmet dinner, You will be with a fascinating, gorgeous Woman.

However, in private, You will be with a passionate Nymphomaniac.

After a long search and tried, everything that You were looking for in different women You will find in Me.



Age: 22

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Based: Dubai

Height: 168cm

Weight: 48kg

Body: 100% Natural

Style: Classic, Feminine

Hair: Long dark 

Eyes: Ocean blue

Education: Student

Smoker: No

Languages: English

Sexy woman from behind


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*The Donation is for my time and companionship only


                               AED                   US$                                                              

1 hour                    2000                    550

1,5 hour                 3000                    850                                      

2 hours                 3500                   1000                                   

3 hours                 4500                   1200                             

4 hours                 5500                   1500                                        


What means “Private Girlfriend”?

I take care of every experience with attention and uniqueness. In other words, I want You to have a person who knows what do You like and don’t like, person You will enjoy being in private with as much as having a great public time. In addition, specific things You kept secret You can reveal to me. I am the type of Girlfriend You was searching for a long time…

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In conclusion, the best way to be sure in anything is to try, right?

As a Dubai escort I promise, I am much hotter then any summer in Dubai:)

Contact Me now and let’s plan your perfect Date in Dubai or somewhere else!

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